Contra Costa Composting Community Grant

Republic Services has awarded a $1500 community improvement project within the Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority (RecycleSmart) service area, based on public online voting during November 2017.

The Winning Project:

Students Working to Turn Compost into Food
Environmental Science Club at Campolindo High School (Moraga)

Campolindo High School's Environmental Science Club would like to build an aquaponics/composting system in our campus garden. To keep a healthy and balanced aquaponics system, we will need to supply high quality food to the fish. We plan to use compost and black soldier flies to produce fish food. We want to build a soldier fly hut in which the flies feed off compost, and their larvae are collected. The larvae will be used as a food source for the fish, thus harvesting nutrients in the compost.

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