Contra Costa Community Waste Reduction Grant

November 2019 Winning Project:

Soil Stars! Enriching School Gardens with Compost

Republic Services is proud to give back to our local community in the form of a $1500 Waste Reduction Grant. Congratulations to Rancho Romero Elementary School for being awarded the 2019 grant..

The "Soil Stars!" project is the construction of cold composting bins for re-use of green waste from the gardens at Rancho Romero Elementary School. We would use the grant to purchase materials for the construction of compost bins, composting tools and signage to demonstrate, guide and advise on composting green waste. The prominently placed bins and signage would teach our school and larger Alamo community about the benefits of cold composting used as a garden amendment.

Rancho Romero Teachers displaying their grant check

November 2018 Winning Project: Green Lean Recycling Team!




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November 2018 Winning Project:

Green Lean Recycling Team!

Walnut Creek Intermediate is ready to take care of the environment. Students are very involved in tending our school garden, and we will use this grant to make student awareness, knowledge and experience a real-life, hands-on reality. Grant funds will be used to purchase materials for promoting recycling awareness, composting materials, planting for the fall, garden tools, soil, worms, composting bins and educational materials for students, lunch staff, and administration. Glass jars are also needed for each classroom so that students may investigate how commonly used items break down. Trips for students to be able to visit a recycling facility would be a major plus too!

Walnut Creek Recyling Grant Winner